Managed Network

Enterprise Managed Network includes a gateway, wired network, and WiFi.
Managed Network

Managed Network

Gateway is a hardware device such as a router, firewall, proxy server, or another device. It serves as a “gate” between two network flows.

A wired network connects computers, printers, and other devices through physical network cables. It is more secure and can be used for small businesses, hospitals, schools, universities, commercial buildings, organisations, and many others.

Meanwhile, a WiFi (wireless network) uses high-frequency radio waves for computers, printers, and other devices to communicate. This can be an alternative for organisations to expand from their existing wired network.

Solution Details:

Having a gateway in place helps to control the incoming and outcoming data/traffic within two different networks. A router can translate data received from outside networks into a format which can be recognized by the computers, printers and other devices within the internal network or over the Internet. A firewall is more advanced and it can filter incoming suspicious data or unauthorized sources. Meantime, a proxy server is a combination of hardware and software where it can set local computers to access only a list of authorised websites within the organisation.

Aside from that, a wired network requires a network point (wall-mounted ports) to connect with the physical cable and let the computers, printers and other devices communicate among them through different types of local area network’s configuration.

If your organisation is using a wired network, and considering to expand – you can consider opting for WiFi (wireless network). Installing a WiFi into other areas within the organisation will not disrupt the existing workplace which is on a wired network. In fact, you can opt to go fully wireless with this technology as it is more reliable. Our WiFi solution is designed to support various activities such as browsing, streaming, broadcasting and heavy data transfer.

At Jages, we have extensive options to configure the right network setup for your business needs.

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