Managed CCTV

Enterprise Managed CCTV (closed-circuit television) consists of an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and several types of camera technology such as bullet/dome camera as well as the pan tilt zoom (PTZ) camera.
Managed CCTV

Managed CCTV

The CCTV solution with surveillance cameras acts as a powerful visual deterrent and a high-quality video helps to produce clearer evidence of various incidents at your property such as trespassing, vandalism and theft.

Solution Details:

When an intruder is detected, Jages team is the first point of contact to receive the notification and verify the incident. With an IVR system installed on-site, an audio voice-down warning will be triggered directly from Jages command center and announced through horn speakers installed on-site. Usually, an audio warning should be sufficient to deter further damage to the property.

The high-quality video has a large size of onboard recording capacity. This means video footage and images of the incidents containing the chronologies of the incidents can be downloaded as a full incident report for further action at the police station or insurers.

If you are considering protecting your property, we at Jages – can help you determine the optimal locations for the camera(s) to ensure no blind spots in the CCTV system. Also, recommend the best solution for your needs, with our managed CCTV service.

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