Managed Access

Managed Access

Enterprise Managed Access is an access control system, a solution that is closely related to access card and keypad, face recognition and fingerprint. Oftenly used by the Human Resource department to track and auto-count attendance.
Managed Access

Managed Access

The access control system replaces the need for a physical key – with certain devices and software. It can control, prevent and secure unauthorised human entries from gaining access to premises (office buildings, hotels, etc) through doors or security guard posts for instance.

While the physical devices such as a keypad, card reader, fingerprint scanner remain on-premise, with Jages’ Managed Access – all data and software are stored, managed, and hosted at Jages secure facility through a remote server and are made accessible via the Internet. This means, as a business owner for instance you no longer need to assign your employee to manage and administer the software on a physical computer on site.

Solution Details:

 A keypad access control requires a multiple-digit code configuration to form a password before a secured entrance can be accessed. A card reader usually has a magnetic stripe or a proximity card reader with a unique electromagnetic wire embedded into each of the physical cards. It will read the information on the card using low-frequency radio signals. As for biometric access control – it uses features of human bodies such as fingerprint and face recognition to verify a human’s identity.

These are the common access controls available on the premises. The required devices are installed on-premises and connected to remote servers over the Internet to allow real-time access to view activities happening within the access control system.

To ensure system continuity and in the event where potential server failure might happen, regular back-ups of access control data will be carried out. This minimizes data loss as the effort to reconstruct card lists and access control can be time-consuming.

At Jages, configuring keypad, card reader, fingerprint scanner, access entry, deletion and many other activities will be carried out by trained professionals. They are always available to administer the access control system and any changes made to it.

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