About Jages

IT is the heartbeat of today’s organisation

Jages is a Managed Service Provider company with the capacity of providing information and technology service that is completely adjustable to fit the customers’ needs.

Syahir Zaini

Jages is the leading Managed Service Provider company in Malaysia with extensive experience in providing both information and technology services. Backed by over 10 technology partners, our Jages Managed Services have a wide range of options that are flexible and customisable across Jages Solution Services and Jages Distributor to tailor to your business needs.

Jages continues to steer its vision and mission, carrying the brainchild of its Managing Director – Syahir Zaini. Syahir is well-versed about information and technology, its capacity and capability and what these combinations can do to solve clients’ day to day problems. His vast experience and industry best practice speaks volume about existing customers’ experience. He ensures Jages services and solutions are always relevant throughout the evolving market and that translates into various offerings within the Jages ecosystem itself across commercial and domestic clients all around Malaysia.

Syahir believes producing a measurable result is achievable. Hence, having managed services in place is always a top choice to significantly improve effectiveness, efficiency and productivity – not only for the growing companies but also to the growing businesses.

Echoing the same momentum, General Manager – Rahim is highly confident with the strength Jages possess in carrying out complex tasks in every dimension. The backbone of Jages are our proud “Jagestar” dedicated staffs, “Jagesrep” experienced advisors and “Jagespro” multi-skilled installers. These expertise are highly committed and capable in their respective areas ranging from information and technology, network, system security and many others. Serving and solving clients’ information and technology needs are their passion and delivering the best and comprehensive solution, on a daily basis is what they enjoyed the most.

Under Rahim’s purview, the team has helped various clients to carefully upgrade, manage and administer all information and technology needs. Signature trait of the team is their capability to anticipate clients’ problems and is always ready with solutions in hand. This has made Jages as one of the highly sought after teams for both on-site and remote for immediate assistance.

Meanwhile,Technical Sales Consultant – Alia believes in delivering a unique customer experience with special elements. She focuses on understanding clients specific preferences and needs, ensuring issues and requests are well-addressed in a timely manner. She is also responsible for guiding clients through their problems while patiently and thoroughly explaining the proposed solution. Alia’s effortless assistance makes clients feel welcomed and open to voice out their concerns.

A polished company’s operation is the final piece of the puzzle at Jages. Chief Team Operation – Farid is the key person who is responsible in managing an end to end operation related to clients installation work, hardware and software maintenance. His quick judgement and assessment helps the operation flow to stay fluid around the clock, for both on-site and remote assistance. He helps arrange and deploy dedicated response teams to mediate urgent needs in a timely manner while ensuring the services delivered are according to a standard.

Why choose us:

With our commitment to always give the best information and technology services in Malaysia, Jages strives to answer all of the customers’ information and technology needs. 


Bullet-proof prevention and recovery solution protects your business from risk and security breaches across small to large-size organisations.

Expert Advice

Our certified and experienced professionals are highly capable to deliver industry best practice advice and handle complex situations.

IT System Optimisation

We prioritise on optimising IT requirements and processes with a wide-range of practical solutions - at a reasonable cost.

Proprietary Platform

We provide all-in-one services under Jages Platform. Improve efficiency, costs & easier process and execution to your business.

Business Empowerment

We understand your business needs as much as we understand ours. Let us grow it with the right tools, technology, and support.

Constant Improvement

We exercise regular assessment on our products and services to stay relevant with the market trend and business outlook.

Our vision is to be a leading Managed Service Provider in Malaysia

Our mission is to materialise our client’s goals and needs by delivering the most comprehensive managed information and technology services and help them grow their businesses with us.